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International Tax Reform: Potential Adverse Impact to Your Business

Author: Chad Koebnick

The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), is an international organization made up of 34 countries. It’s mission is to encourage economic progress and world trade. The United States along with most of the largest economies of the world are members. As of August 2015, they have 15 recommended actions. What are they and what could they mean for your business?


Currency Fluctuations

Author: Chad Koebnick

This international business article addresses how fluctuations in currency value impact businesses and shareholders.

Help Clients Navigate Global Business

Author: Chad Koebnick and Thomas G. Murphy

Choosing Compatible Foreign Partners

Author: Chad Koebnick

How does one determine the compatibility of potential foreign business partners? We have identified six key compatibility factors.

Cultural Competency

Author: Chad Koebnick and Tom Siders

To successfully expand to international markets, business competency is not enough; developing cultural competency is crucial. In this article, we provide lessons and insights to help you become culturally competent.