About Us

We Know How to Help You Grow Value

You’d be hard-pressed to find another consulting firm with a background as diversified and far-reaching as ours.  For a combined 150+ years, we’ve worked in multiple functions, in multiple industries and even in multiple countries. We’ve developed and proven our processes in the field, and we’ve generated game-changing results.

When you work with L. Harris Partners, you only work with senior professionals who…

  • Ask the questions that should be asked – that you can’t ask and/or don’t know to ask.
  • Put process and discipline around what matters most.
  • See the big-picture trends and themes.
  • Never, ever take anything for granted.

We bring tools, techniques and proven best practices for client retention and client penetration from both the professional services firms and from other industries that we apply to your specific needs and circumstances.

We also bring passion, dedication and expertise to the art of increasing wallet share, as we help you seek out new revenue opportunities, bulletproof clients from competitors and get the most value from your long-term relationships.

Meet our team