Business Value Enhancement

value driversWe are experienced advisors who provide thoughtful insight and assistance. We have managed businesses in the C-Suite, purchased and delivered professionals services. We know what works because we have been held accountable for implementing change and growing business value. We start with the end in mind because we are 100% certain you will have to leave your business. We incorporate the end game in all the services we deliver. Maximizing your short term cash flow maximizes your ultimate exit cash value. Our value enhancement & business advice services include:

Value Gap

A determination of your objectives to leave your business on your terms and the shortfall that exists

Value Driver Business Assessment

focused on :

  • The state of the management team
  • Design of the operating systems that sustain improving cash flow
  • Focus on a stable and diversified customer base
  • A realistic growth strategy
  • Financial controls
  • Improving cash flow
  • Value creation systems
  • Business continuity and risk assessment
  • Fact based decision making
  • Measurement and monitoring systems