Client Loyalty

Do  you know why your clients retain you or what compels customers to use your services?

Could you benefit from knowing why your clients and customers choose to stay with you over the long-term?

Would it help you build your business if you knew about the unmet and emerging needs of your clients and customers?

Do you “think” you know the answers to these questions, or do you “know” you know?

We conduct loyalty assessments that help professional service firms and B2B and B2C providers of services build value and grow their businesses by answering these and related questions.

A Client Loyalty Assessment Unlocks Potential.

The results:

  • Provide you with unbiased market-based facts and perceptions
  • Create the roadmap to increasing your market and wallet shares, as well as the bottom line
  • Identify clients and customers who will refer you onto others
  • Provide insights that help increase your “win” rates at the bidding table
  • Reduce client defections
  • Accelerate the rate of change in behaviors and cultures
  • Increase funds available for acquisitions, investments in marketing and R&D, hiring additional staff, and paying bonuses

wallet share bookExplore our book on how to create “sticky” clients.

VitalSigns VOC® is our proprietary process for conducting client loyalty assessments. When VitalSigns VOC is used in conjunction with our 3x3x3℠ model for client service, it’s common for our clients to grow their businesses by 10% to 15% for several years.

We gather our data and information face-to-face, via the telephone, and electronically.  We do so using structured, disciplined, and repeatable processes.  When we meet with a client or customer on your behalf, we always prefer to do so with someone from your organization who is not involved in the relationship.  We do this to help train your people in our process, as well as have them hear directly the “wisdom of your clients and customers.”

When we solicit feedback electronically, our average response rate is 40%.  We minimize the time you need to dedicate to the process because we handle nearly all the administrative tasks.  The only task we can’t do for you is gather the e-mail addresses of the clients and customers you want to invite to the complete a survey.

Our services are delivered exclusively by c-level executives who understand “both sides of the equation”, know how to ask questions and have the experience to ask the questions that should be asked, and able to get to the core issues quickly and can see big-picture trends and themes.


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