Client Loyalty

10 Reasons To Talk To Clients During Busy Season

Author: Lee Eisenstaedt, Accounting Today – November 2010.

The best time to be listening to your clients is when they are using your services. For 10 reasons you should make this a priority during January through April, read this article.

AccelerAction’s survey of Kansas City professional services firms

Author: L Harris, February 2010

L. Harris’ national survey of 2010 growth prospects for accounting firms was highlighted in a February 2010 press release that reported AccelerAction’s survey results of professional services firms in Kansas City.

Capturing Out-of-Scope Work


Is your firm doing extra client work for nothing?

Accounting Today article on client retention

Author: Lee Eisenstaedt, Accounting Today - April 2010

How to listen to clients.

Client Service Plans — Part II

Author: July 2011 issue of Accounting Today.

The follow-up article on selecting the right clients for the client service plan process.

Getting More Client Feedback: Tips to Improve Your Response Rates


Tips for Improving Response Rates

Make Time to Get in Touch


10 reasons to talk to your clients from January to April.

Maximizing Your Wallet Share

Author: Lee Eisenstaedt, Accounting Today and WebCPA - August 2010

The importance of building more business with your existing clients.

Mining the Opportunities in Your Client Base

Author: Alexandra DeFelice, accountingweb

Preparing Client Service Plans

Author: Tom Siders and Jeff Johnson, May 2011 issue of Accounting Today

The benefits of preparing client service plans and the key steps in preparing them are covered in this article.

Strategies: Understanding Client Loyalty

Author: Lee Eisenstaedt, Strategies - January 2010

Understanding client loyalty featured in the January 2010 issue of Strategies.

Why Did That Client Leave?


When a client leaves or you lose a proposal to a competitor, what do you do?