Strategic Planning

When was the last time you set out on a journey without a plan? Long-term success requires more than just luck. It requires knowing where you’re headed as well as how to navigate the changing terrain along the way. A well-designed and understood business plan helps you do both.

L. Harris Partners, LLC provides the breadth and depth of experience to help businesses navigate the changing business terrain. Our consultants offer the guidance and direction to help create sound plans that not only differentiate, but also align owner/employee interests, allocate limited resources, communicate and implement change, result in effective scorecard and measurement systems, and align compensation systems with the company’s strategy.

When the planning is done, we are not.  We do not head for the airport and leave you on your own.  We  believe our job is not done until you actually implement the plan you have created.  So we stay with you, by phone and in person, to assure your plan is actually implemented.

Our strategic planning services include:

Enterprise Strategy Development

Developing, communicating and executing a clear, coherent strategy is the most important responsibility of Company management . Our consultants facilitate development of an over-all Company strategy, including an internal situation assessment, market analysis, creation of mission, vision and values, identifying critical issues and success factors, determining long term objectives and devising tactical initiatives.

Annual Business Planning

An effective annual business plan is more than a budget or monthly forecast. It should include actionable plans for significant near term initiatives. We have refined the process and have implemented the process within departments, functions, and business units.