Mergers & Acquisitions

merger and exit planningThe change of ownership for a business takes many forms including mergers, acquisitions and exit planning.

Some business transitions are planned and may even be part of a strategy while some transitions come in the form of unexpected opportunities. Regardless of form, business transitions often take you down uncharted roads.

Having a guide that understands the intricacies of transition and knows how to navigate the landscape allows you to stay focused on the destination; maximizing the gain.

L. Harris Partners, LLC has experience with over 100 mergers. They can provide confident guidance and direction to move your business through succession planning, mergers and other changes; expected or not.

Exit & Succession Planning

Owner exit planning should not be a single event, but rather a long-term, continuous process. A well-managed business is constantly identifying the value drivers and working to build on those values. We help you develop a plan to lay this groundwork and build value long before it’s time to employ the services of a broker or sign a merger agreement.

Mergers & Acquisitions

The critical work in a merger begins well before the ink on the agreement is dry and continues long afterward. Merged businesses far too often fail to capitalize on the real value of the merger, which comes from growth, scale, products and services and talent. And management can be easily distracted by an internal focus on systems, processes, policies, and turf battles. We know the ins and outs of analyzing merger readiness and integrating newly merged businesses. And we have the unique expertise to analyze the disparate practices of both companies and implement only the best.