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We know manufacturing, and we know your challenges because we have been in your shoes.  Our experience is broad and deep, both on the client side as well as the consulting side.  We have held a variety of positions in the industry, including CFO, VP of Finance, Finance Director for Western Europe, and Chief Information Officer.  We also have experience consulting to the industry, from ISO 9000 to international tax structuring.  We have even been called upon to testify before a state legislature’s tax subcommittee on the impact of state tax policy on manufacturers.

We know that public perceptions of US Manufacturing are wrong.  US manufacturers, as a group, are the #3 manufacturing exporter in the world. They can, and do, compete globally as well as any other country in the world.  But we also know manufacturers need to focus on what we do best, such as innovation, continuous improvement, and technological superiority.

We have the experience and processes to help you grow revenue, increase profitability, and enhance business value.

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