Strategic Planning & Niche Service Development

Strategic Planning Gives your Firm the Traction to Move Ahead

A well-designed and well-understood strategic business plan based on the explicit understanding of the needs of existing and future clients is critical to keeping management externally focused on the market and the long-term success of the firm. Without this plan, management will spend far too much time reacting to urgent, low priority matters. We help you develop the right strategy and, more importantly, to turn that strategy into action.

Comprehensive Services with a Tight Focus
As former executives of industry-leading professional services firms, we are hands-on experts in the development and deployment of game-changing strategies. We cover all aspects of the strategic business planning process, including:

  • Drawing a picture of what success looks like
  • Designing clearly-defined objectives, goals, strategies, and measures
  • Monitoring and tracking progress
  • Developing performance management solutions
  • Aligning compensation plans with the strategies
  • Identifying preventative action and contingency plans

Throughout our strategic business planning process, your team and ours will measure, monitor and refine. We’ll focus on exploring what current and future clients are telling you. We’ll also help you define expected outcomes, identify critical business issues and threats, and develop strategic goals and road maps to achieve success.

As a result of our strategic business planning process, you will be able to:

  • Keep management focused on longer range strategic issues that are rooted in the client’s perspective.
  • Tie employee communication to the long-term goal of satisfied, profitable clients.
  • Obtain commitment up, down, and across the organization.
  • Improve organization performance and profitability.
  • Enhance understanding among business units, partners/owners, and clients.
  • Provide a basis for performance measurement and accountability systems.