Litigation Support

litigation supportProtect Your Client’s Business

The world of business is evermore complex and unpredictable. High profile corporate scandals have forever changed the legal and regulatory landscape. As a result, business-related investigations, disputes, and litigation are on the rise.

The stakes are high and the risks are real, so your clients need an experienced team of professionals that includes legal as well as financial advisors, like you, to protect their organizations. We offer specialty services to help extend and develop your firm’s capabilities. Under your firm’s banner, we can deliver forensics and litigation support services to your clients while you maintain complete control of the client relationship.

Utilize our experienced advisors to help your clients with fraud investigations, litigation support, dispute resolution, due diligence, licensing and royalty compliance testing and courtroom testimony. We work with you and your client’s legal counsel on vital discovery documents, evaluating opposing witness work product, prioritizing strategies relative to damage areas and amounts, and developing questions for opposing witnesses.

We can help with:

Forensic Financial Investigations

  • Employee embezzlement
  • Management, vendor, and customer Fraud
  • Financial statement fraud

Shareholder Disputes

  • Shareholder & partner disputes
  • Dissenting shareholder actions
  • Buy-sell agreement calculations

Litigation Support

  • Case assessment & strategy
  • Damage claims calculations
  • Business interruption

Mergers & Acquisitions

  • Due diligence
  • Post-closing purchase price agreements
  • Breach of reps & warranties
  • Working capital analysis & dispute resolution

Intellectual Property

  • Licensing & royalty compliance testing

Expert Witness Testimony