Audit & Tax Efficiency

Low angle view of big truck tire on gravel road in rural South Dakota.Audit & Tax Efficiency

Sound strategy and satisfied clients fuel your business, but operational excellence drives its profitability. That’s why it’s important to ensure that the systems comprising your firm’s operation are running at peak performance. Like properly inflated tires, they can improve safety and efficiency of reaching your destination: profitability.

With the current economic conditions and increasing regulatory burdens, clients continue to feel stress on margins.  The result is increased fee sensitivity.  The reaction by some firms is to lower fees, just to keep clients happy and staff utilized. Yet, at the same time, new professional standards, tax law changes, and litigation risk often leads to more, rather than fewer engagement hours.  As a result, many firms have over-engineered client service delivery and under-delivered client satisfaction.


What We Do

Our experienced specialists can help your firm tackle this issue, improve your profitability, and achieve the vision of exceeding client expectations through operational efficiency and effectiveness.  We provide you with a fresh look at your processes, systems, staffing; and work flow and help you identify changes that will result in improved efficiency.

How We Approach It

Some consultants help you identify the changes necessary to improve efficiency and leave. Others approach process improvement as a training exercise, using a “cookie cutter” or “one size fits all” approach.  Our approach is different. Our team includes both process improvement experts and former audit and tax leaders who have actually led process improvement changes in their CPA firms.  So we understand both the “theoretical” and the “practical” when it comes to making your service line processes more efficient. We help you identify the changes needed to improve efficiency, yet maintain quality, and we remain engaged with you, periodically, to help insure you actually implement the changes and do not revert back to old habits.