Accountability & Partner Comp

The future value and current operating results of every CPA firm is driven by its compensation and accountability systems.  How you design and implement your compensation system affects your culture, client service and how your partners treat each other and your employees.

We have been directly responsible for the design and communication of partner compensation systems, developing scorecards to hold partners accountable, and monitoring performance.  We know what works.

We believe good partner compensation systems:

  • align with your strategies, goals and cultural norms
  • are understandable and simple
  • reward expected performance and contribution to the firm
  • are perceived as fair in design and administration
  • adjust with the life cycle of the firm and is not a one-time event

We can assist you with:

  • Evaluation of your existing system
  • Understanding partner’s current opinion of pros and cons of current system
  • Design and implementation of a new system
  • Design and monitoring of accountability systems