Steve Grohn, MBA, Senior Advisor

Steve Grohn, MBA, Senior Advisor

Summary of Experience

Steve Grohn helps clients develop plans that lead to revenue growth. He is currently working in turnarounds, where companies need dramatic cash flow, revenue, operational and profitability improvements. Steve also has experience creating, managing and tracking marketing plans to maximize ROI.

His approach and experience enabled him to exceed $300 million in sales at major technology company and grow revenues in the trades more than $90 million.

Steve enjoys developing new brands and negotiating game-changer deals.  He has more than 10,000 hours of expertise in the digital marketing space, including web design, social media, paid search, organic optimization, customer review management and the like. According to Steve, “Success is dependent on an excellent plan, excellent people and excellent execution…and along the way ensuring that the culture reflects heavily on the customer and continuous improvement.  Good truly is The Enemy of Great.”


Steve has an English degree from the University of Minnesota and an MBA in Marketing from St. Thomas.

Contact Info:
Office: 952.944.3303
Cell: 651.955.9240
Email: moc.srentrapsirrahlnull@nhorg.evets